About us

uShark presents the beginning of a new era, intertwining today’s most lucrative markets into a single token: Startups and cryptocurrencies.


Startups and cryptocurrencies

uShark presents the beginning of a new era, intertwining today’s most lucrative markets into a single token: Startups and cryptocurrencies.


uShark is the perfect bridge between investors and revolutionary (game-changing) companies. Every single investor has the opportunity to support companies that have the potential to become a unicorn.

Our Team

Our team is composed of leaders who committed to the future of the investment world.

Geraldo Marques

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With A Clear Vision And Dedication To Innovation, The Harvard Business School Alumni Geraldo Marques Is At The Forefront Of The Blockchain And Tokenization Revolution, Steering uShark Towards New Horizons.

Benjamin Ullmann

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ushark stands for innovation in blockchain, start-ups and tokenization. Through my experience in the IT world and connection to blockchain and business experience, I will taking uShark into new horizons.


Mario Euchner

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

I have been an entrepreneur since 2009. I still work as a consultant in the e-commerce sector and for IT services. As an investor, I have been in the crypto market since 2021 and am enthusiastic about blockchain technology. I would like to share my experience as an entrepreneur to help uShark.

Patrick Grote

Patrick Grote

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

uShark is a groundbreaking company that seamlessly blends the worlds of startups and cryptocurrencies, bringing together an amazing team of experienced professionals to drive innovation and growth. With my extensive and years of experience in the crypto space, I am confident that my expertise will be a valuable asset to this revolutionary project.

Alessa Schürer

Alessa Schürer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

uShark is a specialized company in the crypto sector and the team has great expertise in different areas. Through my expertise in the energy sector and real estate sector as an independent businesswoman and my additional experience in the crypto market, I will be committed to helping uShark achieve further success and lead and manage uShark’s finances.

Dr. Jose Manuel Torres


Crypto Specialist, writer of the best seller “Criptomonedas” in Latin America speak languages countries

Michael Kämpfe

Motion Graphic Designer

Ushark is the bridge that connects. And I am ready to be a pillar of this bridge. The new team has convinced me on all levels.
I have been working in motion graphic design for 3 years and I will give Ushark a face with audiovisual content on all social media channels that you will not forget.

Patrick Baumeler

Patrick Baumeler

Ticket Supporter

uShark is a strong company in supporting start-ups around the world and I am very proud to shine with my expertise in the legal field, several years of crypto experience as well as experience in support at Apple in the software and hardware area and to support uShark in the support team and be part of the team.