The bridge that unites
two major markets startups and crypto present and future

Welcome to uShark

Bringing the future to the present

uShark is a utility token that allows all token holders to buy products and services at a special price, receive rewards and benefits from all the startups we support and invest in with the money we crowdfunding.

Relaunch – New Horizons Await

Ushark is back!

We are back with a stronger foundation and a dynamic new team. Already invested in 12 groundbreaking startups, this is just the beginning. Watch our video to catch a glimpse of the incredible future we’re building.

Market one: Startups

Our Startups

We work with 12+ startups from small to big

We are attentive to great investment opportunities in promising startups around the world.

Market Two: Cryptocurrencies

The financial revolution in a single token

uShark is an innovative business model with the purpose of balancing the differences that the traditional market brings between large and small investors.

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uShark Elite Club

Join as a Elite Club NFT holder from a lot of benefits. All NFTs are with a lifetime and we will offer three different levels:

Gold Level
Silver Level
Bronze Level


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Our Community

Empowering people

We created a movement that is driven by the desire to democratize the investment market giving power to all.

Empowering people to start investing in game changing companies. Our mission is to build a community that impacts the generation that will be the future of the world.  Be a shark. Be the revolution.

Our Next Steps

Our Roadmap

Our History in Media