The uShark Launchpad

Welcome to the Launchpad

Get ready to diversify your portfolio with exclusive opportunities in the crypto market! As valued members of our Elite Club, you’ll have access to our brand new Launchpad, offering presales and special conditions before anyone else.

Don’t miss out on being the first to benefit from promising projects! With our innovative Launchpad, you’ll stay ahead of the game and access high-profile startup investments. 

Plus, enjoy exclusive perks like discounts and preferential token allocations! We’re here to ensure you always have the best investment opportunities at your fingertips.

Create your profile on uShark portal now and unlock your uShark Token Wallet and uShark NFT Wallet! Buy an NFT of your choice for exclusive access to deals on new crypto projects.

How it works?

To participate at the Presales you need a Elite Club NFT in Bronze, Silver or Gold.

For every sale you get a special instructions how you can participate at the sale.

More comming soon.

Become a partner

If you want to work with uShark as partner, please send e-mail to


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