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Great Media Outreach

Legal Structuring USA Dubai and Brazil


Global Events

Europe, Asia, Africa and America

Selection of startups + disclosure of advisors

Q3 & Q4

First annoucements of pool startups

DAO Platform

Community voting in priority of startups invested in throught

DAO list in first exchange (CEX)

Huge parthnership announcement

Diligence of startups selected by community

First startups acquisitions

Announcement of new hubs and partnership

Next CEX listing


Balance sheet and growth report first pool of tokenized assets by uShark

NFT Marketplace

In development of an NFT Marketplace to include digital arts an real

Word asset


Contributions and reinvestments in next rounds in the most promising and best-performing startups

New exchange

Second pool of startups announcement

Q3 & Q4

Community vote through DAO in 2nd round of startups

Tier 1 exchange listing

First airdrop of tokenized assets by uShark


The birth of a new concept of entrepreneurship


First Buyers in December