Navigation for rural routes

A logistics support app to provide information and significantly improve deliveries.


Insufficient information in the trade and logistics sector, due to the lack of mechanisms for tracking, connection difficulties and road quality, causing setbacks and delays in deliveries.


Agrimapp provides an app to significantly improve navigation in rural areas. It works both on- and offline and brings high benefits due to the possibility of saving routes.

Market size

  • 5 million rural establishments throughout the country 
  • 300,000 rural establishments in the Matopiba region alone 
  • 145,000 trucks transporting agricultural products in the soybean ring

Business model 

The center of the app is the registration of complete routes for the entire route of delivery. There are detailed descriptions of the roads with notes on the conditions and specifics. This leads to a high saving of time and, consequently, of financial resources. In addition, there is the possibility to share routes and locations with other users of the app.

Competitive advantages

Accurate location and route data of farms and properties are provided, even in offline mode, so that the delivery reaches its destination without delay.

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