AIG – All in Ground

Biotech, Agtech

Development of biodegradable packaging

All in Ground provides the agricultural industry with a fully sustainable biodegradable packaging solution.


Plastic packaging of products pollutes the environment, as it takes more than 300 years to decompose.


AIG’s packaging degrades 97.5% faster than traditional plastic, reducing our footprint on the planet.

Market size 

Agriculture consumes 6.5 million tons of packaging per year. The types of packaging in order of consumption are: 1L, 20L and 5L.

Business model 

At its core is the promotion of the idea of a better, cleaner and sustainable world through the production of organic material. To this end, AIGbio was developed, an organic additive that accelerates the decomposition of plastic packaging, leading to a reduction in the increase in carbon dioxide emissions.

Competitive advantages

With similar manufacturing costs to conventional packaging, All in Ground offers the following benefits: 

1. Reduces pollution of soil, plants and water

2. No incineration required 

3. Reduced logistics costs 

4. Reduced carbon emissions

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