Agro Insight

Edtech, Agtech

Educational platform for farmers

Agro Insight offers knowledge in digital form to learn best practices for short- and long-term sustainability as well as profitability.


There is no way for agribusiness to gain high-quality knowledge digitally. No practical and didactic content is offered specifically for agriculture.


A world-class education platform that produces innovative, high-quality digital content with experts from the agricultural sector. With the help of these online courses, farmers manage to gain new knowledge with high quality and develop their business.

Market size 

  • 18.4 million people are engaged in agribusiness (CEPEA/USP)
  • 27% landowners – 54% direct professionals – 19% indirect professionals (IBGE data, 2017). 
  • The share of agribusiness in national GDP was 21.4% in 2019. (CNA data, 2020)

Business model 

Through the portal, users have access to high-quality knowledge at any time and from anywhere. With the democratization of knowledge and the networking of the agricultural sector, farmers find an optimal way to increase the quality of their business.

Competitive advantages

By striving for sustainability, Agro Insight is in tune with the times. As a result, the company was awarded fourth place in record news ‘battle of the startups’ in 2022 and was one of eight startups awarded BRL 1 million in the smart money program.

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