Fire Limit


Extinguish fires effectively and safely

Firelimit develops unique agricultural and forestry products that can be used without causing damage to the ecosystem.


Globally, the number as well as the intensity of fires and burns is increasing, resulting in 1.76 million tons of greenhouse gasses. Fires in rural areas affect soil fertility, burn crops and damage growers’ machinery. Forest fires affect habitats and take a long time to recover.


Fire Limit has produced an innovative and safe product to fight, contain and extinguish forest fires as well as agricultural fires of large scale. Its admixture increases the effectiveness of water as an extinguishing agent without harming the environment.

Market size 

TAM – Total area burned worldwide

4.63 million km²

SAM – Total area burned in the Americas

0.319 million km²

SOM – Total area burned in Brazil

 0,312 million Km²

Brazil has no experience in the use of retardants.

Business model 

Fire Limit is already used to prevent and fight fires in Brazil, the United States, Spain, Australia, Portugal and Chile. Its safety and effectiveness have been proven in a rigorous approval process, in laboratory tests and in real fire situations. It can be used by both professionals and outsiders for firefighting operations.

Fire Limit increases the effectiveness of water as an extinguishing agent and can be used with all equipment that also uses water, as it is only a diluent. It is safe and effective to use without the need for direct contact with flames. After dilution it can be stored for up to 90 days and after application the product remains active for up to 15 days.

Competitive advantages

Fire Limit has a unique feature that sets it apart from others on the market: It is 100% biodegradable and protects forests, farms and businesses. The product is free of ammonium polyphosphates and non-toxic, it does not affect fauna or flora.

The result is faster and much more effective firefighting, with absolute safety and unparalleled extinguishing efficiency. There is a lower risk of accidents compared to conventional products and results in lower total cost of ownership.

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TAM – Total available market

TAM is the total size of the market and corresponds to the long-term potential in perfect conditions without competitors.

SAM – Serviceable available market

SAM is the medium-term potential of a company that can realistically reach its target audience with its current product.

SOM – Realistically available market in the first phase

SOM describes the realistic potential assessment for the first phase of a company.