Internet of things, Agtech

Sensor technology for agriculture

For remote monitoring of information in real time, Kalliandra has developed equipment to control the variables of irrigation.


Deficiencies in infrastructures related to electricity and network coverage result in low-quality information, which negatively affects the quality of irrigation.


Kalliandra has developed a range of devices to monitor different variables of irrigation. Based on the frequency and environmental data transmitted in real time, much better decisions can be made.

Market size 

2.5 million hectares of dry land

  • TAM – BRL 12 million/year 
  • SAM – BRL 8 million/year 
  • SOM – BRL 2 million/year 

1,500 Central hubs

  • TAM – BRL 9 million/year 
  • SAM – BRL 5.4 million/year 
  • SOM – BRL 1.8 million/year

Business model 

With Kalliandra’s system, people, sensors and equipment are connected in a proprietary network that expands coverage and ensures real-time transmission of information. Through sensors in the fields, soil moisture is monitored, transmitted in real time, and recommendations for irrigation are made.

Follow-up services are provided: Equipment evaluation, periodic on-site monitoring, and reports are generated with the data collected in order to respond more quickly in the future through a time advantage.

Competitive advantages

The most complex task was to develop hardware that would meet the different requirements and characteristics of the agricultural environment in Brazil. Coverage by radio transmitters, with low power consumption and fully autonomous, is one of the challenges that Kalliandra overcame.

This has resulted in a more efficient management with professional monitoring, tools and sensors for a more assertive decision that is financially affordable, provides very good results and pays off in perspective with a high quality of results.

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TAM – Total available market

TAM is the total size of the market and corresponds to the long-term potential in perfect conditions without competitors.

SAM – Serviceable available market

SAM is the medium-term potential of a company that can realistically reach its target audience with its current product.

SOM – Realistically available market in the first phase

SOM describes the realistic potential assessment for the first phase of a company.