Software for administration and management in agriculture

The program helps farmers to obtain the necessary information for good management of their farm and to make successful decisions.


One of the biggest problems facing the agricultural industry is the suboptimal management of farm finances.


SSCrop is a software that is completely digital and easy to use. It helps agriculturists to get the necessary information for good management.

Market size 

  • 72 million hectares of cereal acreage, harvest 2021/22
  • 1.6 million hectares in the next 5 years (2% of the market)
  • 15 million recurring annual sales

Business model 

Using SSCrop for farm management provides the grower with a simple and objective way to control the necessary financial ratios and, by analyzing them, make targeted decisions to ensure the success of his farm.

Competitive advantages

An all-in-one software designed specifically for farmers. In addition to analyzing finances, SSCrop offers the ability to analyze and plan all key farm metrics such as input use per field, supplies, machinery maintenance, and harvest and productivity management.

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TAM – Total available market

TAM is the total size of the market and corresponds to the long-term potential in perfect conditions without competitors.

SAM – Serviceable available market

SAM is the medium-term potential of a company that can realistically reach its target audience with its current product.

SOM – Realistically available market in the first phase

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