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Dear uShark Community,

We have exciting news for you! The uShark DAO has made an important decision that will take our joint project to the next level. Due to the high internal real value of uShark, we want to give something back to the community. As previously announced, we will implement comprehensive insurance for our NFTs.

Should it ever happen that uShark can no longer cover ongoing costs—which we currently consider unlikely—we have decided on the following measures:

Covering Outstanding Costs:

All outstanding costs will be covered by the exit funds of the startups.
Our team will receive a small share as recognition for their work so far without wages or salaries and to cover the costs incurred to date.

Securing NFT Owners:

Gold NFT owners will receive double the amount they invested. This means that for an investment of $1000, $2000 will be paid out!

Silver NFT owners will receive one and a half times the amount they invested. This means that for an investment of $500, $750 will be paid out.

Bronze NFT owners are secured 1:1. This means that for an investment of $250, $250 will be paid out. Since Bronze NFTs are not limited, we must take this route for economic reasons.

Surplus Participation:

No one should be left empty-handed!

Therefore, we have decided:

Gold NFT owners will receive 62.5% of the surplus shares after deducting all costs. This consists of 50% due to the high value of the NFT and an additional 12.5% because the Gold NFT already includes a startup profit share, which is thus guaranteed.

Silver NFT owners will receive 25% of the surplus.

Bronze NFT owners will receive 12.5% of the surplus.
Importantly, the surplus participation is always based on the value remaining after deducting all costs (the total amount in dollars remaining after paying for IT, the team, other costs, and the securing of the NFTs).

Through these measures, all NFTs are not only comprehensively secured, but the efforts and trust that support uShark are also recognized.

Purchasing an NFT helps to further strengthen the foundation of uShark and offers you as investors long-term benefits, such as staking the uShark token.

An example calculation is attached, consisting of fictional numbers and only intended to serve as a calculation aid so that everyone can get a reasonable idea.

Let’s continue this exciting journey together and lead uShark to new heights!

Warm regards,

Your uShark Team

Announcement NFTs. Dear uShark Community, | by uShark | May, 2024 | Medium

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